Custom Web Design Services Company

Since 1997, our Web design company has been creating B2B and B2C website solutions that attract attention and generate sales leads.
To maximize the marketing power of your new B2B or B2C website, we apply expert user experience (UX), conversion rate optimization (CRO) and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

Website Design Pricing

Web design cost is the first thing a company wants to know when it starts to investigate building a new site.

However, having built websites for more than two decades, we know that basing a decision on published web design pricing is dangerous and should be avoided.

Why is this the case? The problem is, without first establishing your website requirements, looking at the price for website design is meaningless. Web design fees are a function of project scope, and no two project scopes are identical. Before any agency can give you a meaningful cost for website design, it must first understand all of these 20 scope-related issues.

  • Number of pages on the new site and complexity of sitemap
  • Amount and complexity of new textual content
  • Need for a product catalog, and if so, the number of products
  • Amount of migration of content from the old site
  • Existing pages
  • Blog posts
  • PDF and other non-HTML formatted content adds cost
  • Amount and production cost of imagery and photographs
  • Amount and production cost of video and audio content
  • Number of unique design layouts (e.g., home page, category pages, sub-category pages)
  • Complexity of site navigation
  • Branding objectives
  • Need for branding creative such as new logos
  • Existence/non-existence of documented brand standards
  • Lead generation objectives
  • Online revenue objectives
  • Other strategic objectives
  • SEO requirements
  • Hosting requirements and options
  • Site functionality needed, especially:
  • Interactive careers section
  • Password-protected file repositories
  • Interactive map with locations/find a rep
  • Custom calculators
  • Third-party integration with CRMs, marketing automation software, proprietary platforms, etc.
  • Project timeline (short timelines usually drive up the cost for web design)
  • How much discovery time and collaboration will be necessary to button down the preceding issues and execute the project 

Small-Business Website Design

Higher Web Solutions specializes in small-business web design, with the ability to give your small business or startup the look, feel and function of a global enterprise, but at a fraction of the cost.

Corporate Web Design Company

Higher Web Solutions is a corporate web design company headquartered in the Chicago area. Our clients are small, midsize and large corporations with an interest in developing a corporate website that delivers a rock-solid brand presentation and also generates sales leads.

B2B Web Design Agency

Higher Web Solutions specializes in lead generation B2B website design. It’s important for you to select a specialist for your new website, because many of the techniques necessary for a solid B2B website differ from those used for e-commerce and B2C sites.

Professional Web Design Company

A leading professional web design company for lead generation websites, Higher Web Solutions has an experienced, in-house team of designers, developers, copywriters and marketing professionals. We will create a new website for you that looks terrific, presents your brand convincingly and adds to your sales lead pipeline.

Drupal Web Design & Development Services

Looking for a professional Drupal development company? Higher Web Solutions is a leading Drupal agency with years of experience in the field.

WordPress Web Design & Development Services

If you are looking for an experienced, professional WordPress development agency, look no further! Higher Web Solutions has been doing WordPress website design for over a decade, delivering websites with superior lead generation power and SEO effectiveness.

SEO Web Design Company

What this means to you: We’ll build your website with a solid SEO structure from top to bottom.

  • If you have an SEO campaign currently underway, you won’t lose much if any ground in your transition to a new website. (You may even gain ground.)
  • If you ever want to start an SEO campaign after your new website launches, your site will be ready to go, saving you the time and expense of retooling your website and speeding up the progress of your campaign.

Responsive Websites

With more and more people accessing the Web from mobile devices, every business must deliver an outstanding user experience to website visitors no matter what size screen they are using.

Web Development

Looking for a Web development company to create a smooth functioning, mobile-friendly lead generation website? Higher Web Solutions has been getting that job done for clients since 1997.