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What our clients say

"As a small company, we don't always have the time and resources to dedicate to marketing and advertising in general. Higher Web Solutions has made our lives easier by taking over much of the heavy lifting. In addition, the inbound leads has enabled us to secure more business and grow our company."

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Attract the traffic that matters with our SEO services, which include local, ecommerce, and national SEO.

Web Design

Launch an attractive, fast, and mobile-friendly website that's also optimized for SEO — and driving revenue.

Content Marketing

Get professionally-written (and SEO-friendly) content that attracts qualified traffic, leads, and sales.


Drive immediate revenue with PPC ads for Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

Social Media

Build brand awareness on the top social media networks with a custom marketing and advertising strategy.

UX Design & Testing

Get more value from existing website traffic, like more leads or online sales, with conversion rate optimization.

Email Marketing

Nurture valuable leads into customers, and turn one-time shoppers into repeat customers with email.

Amazon Marketing

Use the world's biggest online marketplace to drive brand awareness, sales, and revenue.

Powerful case studies from Higher Web Solutions clients

Learn how Higher Web Solutions will partnerwith you and drive revenue for your business.

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Bud and Tony's Truck Parts


"You never have to wait for them to call back. They're immediately so helpful and kind. You feel like they're there in the office with you working. They're a part of Bud and Tony's every day."

Sales Increase 100%
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C.H. Reed


"Our expectations have definitely been be in year one and already see a 40% increase in organic traffic, we're super pleased."

Organic Traffic Increase YoY 100%

Our three-step approach to
driving your success.

Start-to-finish tracking and reporting

Measuring, tracking, and reporting your results isn't a guessing game with Higher Web Solutions.
It's easier than ever to track digital marketing performance, conduct industry research, calculate ROI, and make strategic decisions with our proprietary digital marketing platform, MarketingCloudFX.

Bonus: MarketingCloudFX is exclusive to Higher Web Solutions clients, which means your competitors won't have access to the advantages that come with using the #1 software for tracking marketing ROI.

Customized digital marketing strategy

Cookie-cutter doesn't cut it — not when you're looking to earn an impressive ROI.
With Higher Web Solutions, you get a strategy tailored to your business, industry, audience, and goals. Your dedicated account manager will take the time to learn your company and understand your goals so they can create a strategy that delivers results.

Bonus: Just like your business, your strategy isn't static. Your account manager takes a proactive approach to improving your strategy and adapting it to fit your changing needs, industry trends, and more.

Experienced all-in-one marketing team

Marketing a business takes more than a few skill sets, from writing to coding. With Higher Web Solutions, that's nothing to worry about because we give you a complete marketing team. From digital marketers and social media specialists to web designers and web developers, we have over 200 in-house team members to help.

Bonus: As a five-time consecutive winner of the Best Places to Work in PA award, Higher Web Solutions is well-known for its happy team — and happy clients. The passion and enthusiasm of our team are why our client retention rate is more than 90%.

Let the numbers speak


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What do we offer?

It’ll knock your socks off.

Marketing your business is hassle-free with Higher Web Solutions. Since we feature a team of more than 200 professionals, from web developers to social media specialists, it’s easy for you to accomplish marketing to-dos.

You don’t have to ask co-workers to spare some time or find another agency to assist — all you need to do is ask your dedicated account manager.

This setup takes the hassle out of marketing your business, as well as removes bottlenecks so your company can start driving leads, sales, and revenue.

Get a better ROI with a data-backed marketing strategy.

You get the best of both worlds with Higher Web Solutions. We combine decades of experience with billions of data points to back your marketing decisions with data instead of guesses.

The experience of our award-winning team and the AI power of MarketingCloudFX has allowed us to drive impressive results for our clients.

In the past five years, we’ve helped our clients attract more than 6.3 million qualified leads and 4.2 million phone calls, as well as over $2 billion in revenue.

Which channels perform best for us? Is this strategy working? How many sales or leads did we get from organic traffic last quarter?

Answering these questions is easy with Higher Web Solutions.

With MarketingCloudFX, our proprietary software, it’s easy to monitor channel and campaign performance, plus track leads and sales with pinpoint accuracy.

You can also access MarketingCloudFX at any time.

The best part is our dedicated R&D team continually develops new solutions to make ROI reporting easier for your business.

Clients love working with us.

From the results we drive to the communication we provide, our level of service is why 91% of our clients stick with us — the average retention rate is 50%.

Clients also recommend us to other businesses.

Compared to the nationwide average, our client recommendation score is 488% higher, which demonstrates the unmatched satisfaction of our clients.

You’re a name, not a number.

At Higher Web Solutions, we provide hands-on account management because we see ourselves as an extension of your marketing team.

You’ll have a dedicated account manager that will serve as a trusted point-of-contact. From asking questions to sharing company creatives, you can count on them.

Communicating with your dedicated Higher Web Solutions team is also easy. Whether by emailphonevideo, or in-person, we make meeting easy and personal.

Results matter.

It’s not enough to say that something works. You want data to back up and support your investment — and we love that.

That’s why we developed MarketingCloudFX, which tracks, measures, and reports on the performance of all your marketing channels and strategies.

Our services also include setting up relevant programs, like Google Analytics and Google Ads, so you can track website performance, ad campaigns, and more.

With these tools, we’ve been able to track the results of our efforts. Just in the past five years, for example, we’ve helped our clients earn more than $2.4 billion in revenue.

Whether you’re looking to advertise on Google, Facebook, Bing, or another ad network, it’s invaluable to have an experienced partner on your side.

At Higher Web Solutions, we’re that partner.

As a Premier Google PartnerFacebook Marketing Partner, and Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner, we’ve demonstrated our ability to drive results.

Work with our team — we’ve managed over 650 ad campaigns — to create and manage ad campaigns that reach your goals and achieve your ROI goals.

Want an agency with experience in your industry?

With decades of experience in dozens of industries, from manufacturing to ecommerce, Higher Web Solutions is a trusted partner for businesses that want an industry specialist.

Get partnered with a dedicated account manager that has experience in your industry so you can take full advantage of their specialized marketing background.

Plus, leverage the billions of data points that MarketingCloudFX houses to receive industry-specific insights into your digital marketing strategy.

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Grow your company’s revenue, staff, and operations with Higher Web Solutions, a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in web design, SEO, and online marketing for small-to-midsized businesses. Get started by requesting a free proposal today!