Our SEO Company Gets Results

Higher Web Solutions is an industry-leading SEO firm. Founded in 1997, we provide the full range of SEO solutions for small and midsize B2B and B2C organizations. Our SEO company, in the USA, has a large, full-time, in-house staff.

Our SEO Agency Services

  • Analytics
  • Back-end development
  • Competitive research
  • Consulting
  • Content marketing
  • E-commerce SEO
  • Editing
  • Enterprise SEO
  • Front-end development
  • Graphic design
  • Keyword research
  • Lead generation SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Reporting
  • SEO copywriting
  • Strategy development

Why to Choose us as Your SEO Provider

Efficient campaign management. SEO campaigns are complex, with many month-to-month activities to coordinate, in addition to setup tasks and routine website maintenance. A dedicated account manager who is highly skilled in campaign management and communication will oversee your campaign. With a proven, task-driven system, we run your campaign with the highest possible efficiency, maximizing your SEO investment at all times.

Transparent, collaborative business style. We take the mystery out of SEO — because we believe an informed, engaged client is the best kind. We give you monthly reports that are easy to read, and we detail all of the work, results, highlights and challenges that occurred. And of course we welcome your questions, comments and ideas at any time.

Focus on results. No online SEO company has a greater focus on client ROI than Higher Web Solutions. Our strategic and tactical efforts always stay focused on lead generation or online revenue. This is extremely important, since campaigns can easily get sidetracked and completely derailed by chasing website traffic, rankings or “vanity” keywords. Ultimately, you want your SEO campaign to put leads in your sales team’s hands, or revenue into your online store — those are the things we leave no stone left unturned to accomplish.

A team skilled in all the critical areas. Executing SEO takes a wide range of skills. We mentioned campaign management already, but that’s only the beginning. Our SEO agency also has these people ready to work on your behalf:

  • Copywriters, skilled in B2B and B2C, who can create credible, informative and engaging content for off-site link building and on-site pages. The quality of content has become much more important to SEO, as Googlebots have gotten much better at ranking — and rewarding — content that is truly valuable and not merely stuffed with a bunch of keywords.
  • Graphic designers who create infographics, slide presentations and other visual content to take link building to a higher level. Textual content alone is no longer enough to interest publishers and attract a critical mass of relevant, authoritative inbound links. This is why we have aggressively ramped up design involvement on the creative side of our SEO campaigns.
  • Web designers and developers who can make (or advise you on) changes to your website to enhance its SEO performance, improve your conversion rate and monitor site performance over time. This is extremely important, because things such as slow page loading or broken links can cause Google and other search engines to give your content less organic visibility.

Top Services Our SEO Firm Offers

The depth and breadth of our talented SEO team enables us to perform all the important services necessary for a successful campaign.

    • Analytics. No SEO firm can continuously improve campaigns without collecting the right data and interpreting it properly. Our sophisticated, proprietary tracking and validation processes allow us to capture all the information we need to improve your lead and revenue generating results.
    • Back-end development. Some of our clients prefer us to perform SEO-related changes on their website, which our highly trained and versatile back-end developers are able to do in most cases.
    • Competitive research. No SEO campaign should be developed in a vacuum. Our SEO agency is very thorough in surveying the competitive landscape before and during all campaigns.
    • Consulting. If you are not ready to dive into a full-blown SEO campaign, or if you want a fresh set of eyes to review your current SEO campaign in detail, then a consulting engagement with Higher Web Solutions could be the perfect starting point.
    • Content marketing. Today’s SEO campaigns rely heavily on high-quality content development. We have writers and editors with experience in most verticals, enabling us to create persuasive content without a lengthy learning curve.
    • E-commerce SEO. We have more than two decades of experience executing campaigns for e-commerce firms of all sizes.
    • Enterprise SEO. Very large organizations connect with us to support their in-house SEO campaigns by doing work they lack the time and/or talent to perform.
    • Front-end development. Interactive content – inquiry forms, online calculators, etc. – are quite powerful for link building. Our front-end developers create these tools on a daily basis.
    • Graphic design. Our graphic designers create infographics, landing pages and other design features that strengthen the link-building power of off-site content and the conversion power of on-site content in your SEO campaign.
    • Keyword research. All SEO campaigns stand or fall on the quality of their keyword research. With our depth of experience in so many industries, we have learned a great deal about the nuances of keywords that apply to particular businesses, helping us ramp up campaigns quickly.
    • Lead generation SEO. Our experience and track record with lead generation SEO campaigns is second to none. We work with small, midsize and large organizations throughout the U.S. that seek dynamic growth in online sales lead production.
    • Local SEO. Local SEO campaigns are not just for businesses serving a single local market. Local SEO is also an effective component of broader scope SEO campaigns, when companies seek to penetrate new geographic markets, roll out new products/services, and fight off competitors in hotly contested areas.
    • Reporting. You’ll find that Higher Web Solutions reporting is clear, detailed, KPI-focused and easy to interpret. We also provide you access to real-time online reports on our proprietary platform, so you can see how we are doing 24/7.
    • Strategy development. Tactical execution without a solid strategic framework never gets results. The first step in our campaign will be to ask a lot of questions so that we understand your business objectives, products, services, key selling points, major types of sales resistance, competitors – and anything else you can tell us that will help us create an SEO strategy that maximizes your strengths and minimizes any weaknesses.

SEO Pricing

The first thing most companies want to know is the SEO cost. But beware of package deals for SEO services pricing — they seldom if ever work. Here is why.

The cost of SEO services varies widely because every organization has a different starting point and needs month-to-month work to improve its organic rankings. Canned SEO pricing packages do not take any of this into account.

As a result, some companies paying $2,000 a month for SEO should be paying $5,000 a month to generate increased leads or online orders.

And — some companies paying $5,000 a month for SEO only need to be paying $2,000 to get the job done.

Either way, prepackaged SEO fees work against you. Because of this, Higher Web Solutions never publishes fixed pricing. Instead, we do our homework to understand what you need, and then quote SEO pricing that fits your needs exactly. 

How Much Do SEO Services Cost?

Your SEO monthly cost depends on a number of factors. Here are the main things we look at to determine the cost of your campaign.

On-site pricing factors

  • How well does your website currently communicate to humans and search engines? How much work is needed to improve communication?
  • Is your website responsive?
  • How fast does your website load?
  • Do you have service/product pages for your targeted keyword phrases?
  • Do you have supporting pages for longtail keywords?
  • Do you have optimized title tags?
  • Do you have optimized meta descriptions?
  • Do you have optimized header tags?
  • Do you have optimized body content?

Off-site pricing factors

  • How many backlinks do you have?
  • How many referring domains do you have?
  • What is the quality of those backlinks?
  • Are you being or have you been penalized by Google?
  • Do you have a natural anchor text distribution?
  • Do you have links pointing to interior product/service pages?

Free SEO Audit

Is your website optimized for SEO? Our free audit helps you identify and fix your website’s SEO problems. In just 15 seconds, you’ll get useful information for improving your Google rankings. Start growing your website traffic today and watch your sales leads and revenue increase!

Your SEO Audit

As a premier search engine optimization agency, Higher Web Solutions understands how to improve your search engine rankings. We begin by determining the effectiveness of your current campaign through a quick SEO audit.

Our SEO audit analyzes a specified page for any targeted keyword or key phrase. Why do we examine only one page of your site at a time? Our audit tool is directly aligned with Google’s ranking algorithm, which ranks Web pages, not entire websites. It provides accurate results and useful tips for improving your organic search ranking.

Local SEO Services

Local SEO services have grown quite complex — and confusing — over the last few years. As a top local SEO company also immersed in Web design and enterprise SEO, we understand why local businesses are having such a difficult time determining the best course of action to take for local optimization.

What follows are context and guidelines to help you work with a local SEO firm to create an action plan to drive more organic, highly qualified, likely to convert website traffic.

Context: The Mobile Search Explosion and Google's Evolving Response

Mobile device Internet access now exceeds desktop access, and the gap figures to widen as mobile Internet devices from tablets to mobile phones to smart watches continue to proliferate. Since small screen Internet behavior and preferences differ from desktop behavior, Google, like all Internet services companies, is struggling to adapt and cater to the mobile market.

Google’s adjustments are having a considerable impact on local SEO agency strategy and tactics. For example, on the tactical level, in Q4 of 2014, Google abandoned its local “carousel” organic search results and replaced it with a “local pack” listing that is more usable on small screens. This led to an entirely new set of best practices for local optimization in this component of the SERP. In a much broader, strategic way, Google’s 2014 “mobile-friendly” algorithm update was a major move in what figures to be the firm’s ongoing effort to reward mobile-friendly Web pages with high organic visibility for mobile search.

Rampant mobile Internet use has spawned a user base of highly sophisticated organic search engine users. In response to this, Google is becoming much more meticulous in serving up valid local results, making it ever more difficult for businesses to game the system by using phony local addresses and similar “black hat” SEO techniques.

National SEO Services

A national SEO company with two decades of experience, Higher Web Solutions excels at strategizing and executing campaigns with a broad geographic scope. National campaigns require a great deal of research, strategic thinking and budgetary planning to be successful — it takes a national SEO expert to set up a winning campaign.

Balancing Budget and Keyword Focus for National SEO

One of the biggest challenges for national SEO services is to strike the right balance between keyword selection and the campaign budget. Often, high-volume, high-converting keywords are extremely competitive, making success difficult without an enormous expenditure and several years of effort. For small, midsize and even large firms, a more feasible, budget-friendly strategy is to target mid-volume and longtail keywords, where the competition is not as fierce but the potential for conversions remains high.

Because our national SEO firm has conducted keyword research for thousands of campaigns, we have developed a solid methodology for pinpointing the best keyword targets, one that includes taking a close look at volume, user intent, competitiveness and relevance. We also look for “quick win” keyword opportunities so our clients can begin to reap benefits earlier on in the campaign.

Small Business SEO Services

If you are looking for a small-business SEO company to help you generate more leads, online revenue, appointments or reservations, look no further. Higher Web Solutions, established in 1997 and with a solid track record in B2B and B2C, is one of the best SEO companies for small business in the U.S.

Our small-business SEO services include keyword research, local and national SEO, competitive analysis, strategy development, link building, analytics and reporting, content production and content marketing.

Local SEO for Small Business

Local SEO is often a critical area for small companies, and one that offers great opportunities for success. As people use mobile devices more and more for Google searches, local businesses have a better opportunity than ever to be found via organic search. Statistics vary, but roughly one-third to half of all online searches has local intent. Many of these searches come from users with an immediate need — people who are looking for a restaurant, needing to see a physician, seeking emergency plumbing repairs, etc.

Higher Web Solutions is adept at developing and executing local SEO campaigns, with many local clients in diverse businesses, including healthcare, financial services, home repair, construction, and education.

Ecommerce SEO Services

E-commerce SEO services cover a greater breadth and depth of activity than what applies to lead generation websites. E-commerce websites often have very large product catalogs, thousands of Web pages to optimize, complex duplicate content issues (particularly with regard to product pages), a lack of unique content across the entire site, poor URL structure, and a flawed product category strategy.

This adds up to a need for an e-commerce SEO agency capable of identifying and optimizing these and other critical issues.

What to Look for in an E-commerce SEO Company

An e-commerce SEO agency must be adept at strategic planning, have a deep staff with expertise in a number of SEO and SEO-related Internet marketing disciplines, and possess extremely strong campaign management skills. The need for these attributes becomes clear after reviewing a few important elements of an e-commerce SEO campaign.

  • Product categorization is a crucial factor in e-commerce SEO, and may need adjustments — anything from a few tweaks here and there to a complete overhaul. A sound product categorization strategy must properly prioritize pages for Google, so that the search engine can distinguish more important from less important pages, and yet also must make complete sense to human users of the website.
  • Keyword research is an extensive and never-ending aspect of e-commerce SEO services, an enormous project in and of itself. Since e-commerce companies depend on organic traffic for a significant percentage of their sales, they must capture traffic from not just a handful of high-volume strategic keywords, but also from the hundreds or thousands of related keyword terms whose combined volume is substantial.
  • On-site content production is also a major, ongoing job for an e-commerce SEO agency. Existing content at the product page level, category page level, and company blog must be optimized and regularly updated, and additional pages must be created to support the numerous keywords for which the site must be optimized. In addition to the on-page content itself, title tags must be optimized and written continually, adding a significant amount of time to this segment of SEO activity.

Enterprise SEO Services

Large organizations with large websites usually require enterprise SEO services. An enterprise SEO company executes the same basic SEO activities that apply to “regular” SEO, but with a big difference: Because of the large scale, size, and complexity of the client organization and the client’s website itself, execution takes an entirely different, and much more sophisticated, form. Do you need an enterprise SEO firm?

When Enterprise SEO Solutions Are Necessary

Companies that need enterprise SEO solutions have several things in common. Most are big brands with a massive following, but other factors also play into the equation. Here are the most significant attributes of enterprise SEO websites and organizations.

  • Size of the website. Managing SEO for a 500,000-page website requires completely different management techniques than what would apply to a 500- or 5,000-page website. Greater automation is required for creating and updating on-page content, META tags, URLs and on-site linking.
  • Complexity of the website. Websites that integrate with internal systems such as ERP and CRM, and/or include complex interactive functionality (such as customized e-commerce) require skilled back-end development contributions to facilitate SEO.
  • Global SEO needs. When a global company has different websites for different countries and/or languages, or when it has numerous local websites, SEO execution becomes exponentially more complex — for instance, for content creation, and for implementing keyword strategies that prevent having the company’s websites cannibalize each other’s rankings.
  • Multiple websites. When companies manage multiple websites, such as an e-commerce business that markets under several brands, SEO takes on much greater complexity, similar to how global companies are affected as noted above.
  • Branding guidelines/requirements. Stringent branding guidelines often complicate keyword targeting in on-site and off-site content, as well as with certain META data. Overcoming these challenges is an important part of the enterprise SEO agency’s skill set.
  • Legal guidelines for copywriting. Similarly, large organizations often have legal guidelines that affect the SEO effectiveness of website content, the company blog, social media content and other off-site content. The enterprise SEO company must be able to understand the legal parameters and communicate them effectively to its internal team as well as to off-site publishing partners.
  • Complex chain of command. When companies have several departments involved with SEO decision-making and/or execution, the enterprise SEO firm must have extremely strong campaign management skills to keep campaigns running on schedule and on budget. Internal department segmentation often causes resource availability issues, varying priorities, difficulty in obtaining inputs, and other challenges that create delays and continual shifts in SEO tactics.
  • IT control. Large organizations frequently do not allow outside resources — the enterprise SEO services provider, in this case — to make changes to their websites, CMS, or hosting service. This means the SEO company must have the ability to forge and maintain close relationships with the client’s IT team — something that is easier said than done.

Google Penalty Recovery Services

Google penalty removal services are a sub-discipline of SEO geared to helping companies overcome being penalized by Google, primarily for issues relating to the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. Finding expert penalty recovery services is crucial to firms with lead generation or e-commerce websites, since these penalties can have a devastating effect on traffic and conversions.

How Can You Tell If You Need Google Penalty Recovery Services?

If you have received a warning through Google Webmaster Tools, you can be certain your website has been hit with a penalty. In the absence of an official warning, telltale signs of a penalty include:

  • An abrupt drop in site-wide or section-wide organic traffic
  • An abrupt drop in ranking for a specific keyword(s) or groups of keywords
  • No other explanation for these drops

If you suspect a penalty, you must take action as soon as possible. The negative impact on traffic and rankings will not go away on its own; in fact, it will likely get worse. However, if you take the proper recovery steps and notify Google, the damage can be undone. This outcome is the essence of Google penalty recovery services.

Google Penguin Recovery Services

Google Penguin penalties relate to link issues, and account for the great majority of penalties that affect e-commerce and lead generation websites. A website’s link profile (the totality of links pointing to your domain) is an enormously important ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. The Penguin algorithm update was initiated to identify low-quality, “unnatural” links. Many of these links were indeed created by SEOs intent on gaming the system, but others were created inadvertently by companies that were following — or thought they were following — link-building best practices at the time.

The process for Google Penguin penalty removal services starts with collecting and analyzing backlinks to isolate problem links from good ones. This work involves both science and art, as low-quality links are not always easy to identify. Telltale signs of a low-quality link include those from low page and/or domain authority websites, spammy link directories (i.e., directories that exist solely to generate links with no regard to user experience), site-wide links, paid links, links on Web pages with totally irrelevant content, links on spammy press release platforms, and links with over-optimized anchor text. While removing, or attempting to remove, bad links is important, not going overboard and removing good links is also important. Good links are hard to obtain for most companies, and will be hard to replace. Skill and experience are needed for the penalty recovery firm to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Monthly SEO Services

Month-to-month SEO services are somewhat unusual, since dial-moving SEO results usually take several months or longer to achieve. But there are situations where monthly SEO services make sense, and Higher Web Solutions is eager to take on this type of engagement when the circumstances are right.

Trial Engagements

Testing the waters with a new agency is the most common reason for monthly SEO engagements. There’s no question that signing up for a 6-month or 12-month contract involves a fairly high degree of commitment. If your company is not yet ready to make such a commitment, working on a month-to-month basis for a moderate period of time could be an excellent option.

Why Companies Do SEO Month to Month

Why are some companies reluctant to embark on a long-term SEO campaign?

Bad history

The No. 1 reason we hear is past experience. Many companies have been burned in the past by getting involved in an SEO campaign with an agency that was a poor fit or not ethical. Fit is a valid concern, since agencies have different focuses in terms of client size, type and other variables. Professionalism is another valid concern. Like any industry, SEO has its share of bad players — unfortunately enough of them that the industry even gives them a name: black hat SEOs.

Another circumstance where month-to-month SEO is a possibility is when companies manage SEO in-house, but have work overflow, staffing shortfalls or special requirements that go beyond their expertise.

Professional SEO Services Company

Search engine optimization is a solid Internet marketing investment — if you are working with an experienced, professional SEO firm. Higher Web Solutions has been delivering top SEO services to clients since 1997.


Our effective, expert organic SEO services include strategy, keyword research, on-site and off-site optimization, content creation and content marketing — all with a focus on generating leads and growing your business.

When working with us, expect complete, customized campaigns, transparency in every aspect of our work and precise lead tracking and validation.

Are You Searching for a Great SEO Firm?

Stop looking — you’ve come to the right place! Are you new to search engine optimization? Higher Web Solutions offers a range of SEO services to steer your business or organization in the right direction. And if you think your current SEO company is leading you astray, we’re here to help you change course.

Higher Web Solutions is an affordable, professional SEO company that adheres to industry best practices and delivers excellent results. Our success in organic search campaigns is what distinguishes us from the pack. We deliver:

  • As a high-quality, reliable SEO agency, Higher Web Solutions is always eager to share case studies highlighting our outcomes. We have a long track record of meaningful results such as lead generation and organic traffic growth. Plus, Higher Web Solutions is an organic SEO firm with a real, substantive difference. We are the only SEO company that validates and reports sales leads in real time — so you can review and act on leads while they’re hot. What is lead validation?

SEO Consulting

Higher Web Solutions offers SEO consulting services as a way to help companies determine whether and how they need to ramp up their SEO campaigns, to assist companies with internal SEO specialists in execution, and to validate the effectiveness of campaigns already underway. Our senior, in-house SEO staff performs all consulting work.

Are You a Good Candidate for SEO Consulting?

Not every company is in the right position to make use of an SEO consulting firm. The best fits for Higher Web Solutions — where we are consistently able to add significant value — include companies in these situations:

  • Companies that lack an SEO strategy or SEO expertise, but have internal resources on staff to execute (copywriters, Web designers, Web developers, etc.)
  • Companies that have SEO expertise, but do not have enough internal resources to get the work done on an SEO campaign month-in and month-out
  • Companies that need SEO but are not ready to launch a monthly campaign, either because they want to work together on a project to make sure the relationship is solid, or because they need proof of results to sell the SEO campaign internally to upper management
  • Companies that are currently working with an SEO vendor and would like an audit performed to validate they are receiving a quality SEO service
  • As a high-quality, reliable SEO agency, Higher Web Solutions is always eager to share case studies highlighting our outcomes. We have a long track record of meaningful results such as lead generation and organic traffic growth. Plus, Higher Web Solutions is an organic SEO firm with a real, substantive difference. We are the only SEO company that validates and reports sales leads in real time — so you can review and act on leads while they’re hot. What is lead validation?

SEO Expert Services

Higher Web Solutions delivers expert SEO services to B2B and B2C organizations looking for greater lead generation or online revenue. Established in 1997, we are truly an expert SEO company, with a track record of success that goes back more than two decades.

SEO Expert Services

Our team of experienced, full-time SEO professionals works together like a well-oiled machine to create winning campaign strategies and perform month-to-month execution. Our services include:

  • National SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Enterprise SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Website SEO audits
  • Consulting

Link Building Services

Our link building company has experience going back to the earliest days of SEO. As the SEO industry has changed and evolved, we have refined our link building services to deliver maximum results to our clients while adhering to industry best practices at all times.

Why Our Link Building Services Stand Out

Securing high-quality inbound links is no easy task, because that is what every company involved with SEO is trying to do (or should be!). But we have the resources to do the link building work faster, more efficiently and more effectively. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Experience. Higher Web Solutions was established in 1997, and our experience in link building for SEO is deep. With thousands of successful SEO campaigns under our belt, we have a workflow process that is proven over a very long period of time.
  • Copywriting talent. Many of today’s SEO link building services revolve around publishing content on high-authority, relevant blogs and websites. But these off-site publishers have high expectations for quality. Our copywriting team delivers. With a team of experienced pros who are “quick studies,” we produce professional, useful content that publishers are eager to accept.
  • Content marketing specialists. Along with copywriting, finding the right off-site publishers and sparking their interest are critical for link building success. Our content marketing team, like our copywriting staff, is doing the work all day, every day. With experience in a multitude of industries, our content marketers probably have relationships already with major publishers in your niche — enabling us to ramp up your link building rapidly.
  • Creative techniques. Our link building company employs a variety of specialized and complex techniques to leave no stone unturned on your behalf. Successful approaches include developing sponsorships and creating on-site “link magnet” content such as infographics and interactive tools. By doing these things, your company can put a lot of distance between itself and competitors that are simply going through the motions of link building.